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Web Design & Development Packages

Get brand new design and look for your business website with our affordable Web Design & Development Packages. Want to know why our website design packages prices are very affordable and easy to understand? JDM Web Technologies’ website design and development packages breakdown into two startup plans as STATIC and CMS WEBSITES. Please take a look below:

Layout DesignYesYes
Logo DesignNoYes
PagesUp to 10 PagesUp to 15 Pages
Shutterstock ImagesYesYes
Banner SliderYesYes
Inquiry FormYesYes
Google Map IntegrationYesYes
Call to Action ButtonsYesYes
HTML SitemapYesYes
XML SitemapYesYes
SEO Friendly URLYesYes
Google AnalyticsYesYes
SEO Html TagsNoYes
Live ChatNoYes
Contact Form With CaptchaNoYes
Responsive DesignYesYes
POP Up Form (if applicable)NoYes
Online Appointment Form (if applicable)NoYes
Sticky MenuNoYes
Facebook Live FeedsNoYes
Twitter Live FeedsNoYes
Landing Page Optimization* $55 per pageNoYes
Page SpeedNoNo
Heading and Images OptimizationNoYes
AMP Pages* Additional ChargesNoYes
YouTube Video IntegrationNoYes
Social Media LinksNoYes
Email SupportYesYes
Chat SupportNoYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Pay Online with PayPayl, Credit Card or Debit Card

Domain and Hosting will be provided by client else the extra charges will be applicable for the domain name registration and hosting services.

Our Web Design Packages Includes the Following features:

  • 1. Dynamic Home Page Creation.
  • 2. Logo Creation As Per Client Need.
  • 3. Web design in various CMS or multiple programming languages, as per the requirement and need of the client.
  • 4. Fully Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Browser responsive design.

Learn More About Our Web Design Packages

Custom Web Design

In our website design packages, we offer various services along with web design, which is necessary for creating and running a website. The scope of a website design package is much broader than that of a web designing one. Web Design and Development packages are usually built by providing the following bundle of services.

  • 1. Number of Various web/page designs
  • 2. Domain Name Registration
  • 3. Server and Hosting Plan Purchase Packages

Types of Web Designing Packages and Requirements

Web creation in itself is a very subjective phrase. This is because affordability is dependent upon the intended usage of the website and the line of business one is in. There are various factors to be considered the affordability of a web design package.

A Brief Guideline On The Choosing Affordable Web Design Package Is Outlined Here Under:

Even though their website is what the people know about them, it is not suggested to opt of high-end web design packages for bloggers, as because they are usually not generating revenue out of blogging. Even though their website is their first impression of their followers and the world, it need not be expensive. A standard template attractive design and the universally adaptive page would do just fine.

For this industry, a website is the biggest Investment. All other functions that these companies have are ancillary. The Website is where the revenue is generated. Thus, for such an Industry a high-end website with extra features is recommended which is customized keeping in mind the requirements that such a website has.

Even though govt websites do not need to create demand and business online, the kind of traffic such a site receives is tremendous. Therefore it is advised to have a High end, expensive but standard template website. This makes the cost moderate, but leaning towards the higher end.

Service providers depend not only on client satisfaction but also on word of mouth publicity for generating more business. This type of website is the first impression on potential clients. Hence they should opt for the standard template, high design and responsive website.

In this industry, everything is based on your software and website. You do not need to do marketing as well; your work in itself speaks volumes about you. It is imperative then to have a website which is not just visually appealing but is one of a kind. We recommend a high-end web design and development package which concentrates on Custom Website development which is ideal in this case.


Different Type Of Website Design Pricing Packages

We have talked about the different reasons why costs shoot up or go down. It is now important to understand the kinds of websites that one can opt for. A Company dealing in Machinery and hardware equipment which is heavy and not used by all and sundry will have a website that is informative in nature. On the other hand, a blogger will concentrate more on marketing strategies and applications. Just like that, a company dealing primarily in retail will have a website which is from a completely new genre when compared to above-mentioned websites. Not to mention that the pricing packages that you would have to consider while choosing your perfect plan.

If you are a professional Blogger, you will need a website which is light on programming and high on content and looks. You would also need a Responsive website which works well on all devices.

Why Should You Consider The Best Web Development Packages For Your Website?

When a customer surfs or searches something on the internet, his search poses questions like "does your business exist online?", "is your website credible and professional?", moreover, "do you sell what the user is looking for?" These queries can be answered in the shape of your website. The message about credibility, scale, and type of business are exuded by your website. A website is the first impression cast on the visitors who judges everything about your business in a single click. A website establishes your presence in the online market and lets it do the talking with the customers. Your web development packages will corroborate your brand value and instill a sense of belonging with your product like the way it happens in conventional marketing. We do this via our different website development packages.

Our Basic website development packages will help your company to make its presence felt in the online form. You can not only showcase your products but also gather information by tracking the leads that the consumers leave while they are browsing your website. These leads become essential information silos which can help you to serve the consumer better and thus coagulate your brand that yields highest consumer satisfaction. Therefore your website will act as a lead generating system.

Get The Best Web Design Features At Low-Cost Prices.

We also offer templates based website design services at minimum costs. JDM Web Technologies uses the latest standards and tools to design a responsive website that will function well on every device such as laptops, smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and desktops. Our website design and development packages also include search engine optimized activities to give you better rankings on the search engines and will increase your visibility.

JDM Web Technologies values the importance of search engine optimization and performance of your website. Our online marketing strategies are dedicated to placing your website on the top-notch positions of the search engines with minimal website development costs.

Custom Website

Our web development packages also include customized websites, designed specially according to your business. If you are looking for a more prominent website with high functionality options such as e-commerce, social networking, blogging, among other web application services, then a customized website is the best for you. The cherry on the cake is the excellent design and content directly targeting your customers. It would also mean that such website development costs you more than the other two mentioned above.

Advanced CMS Website

JDM Web Technologies also offer CMS based website, in which client will be able to do very basic or small additions that can be made without any prior knowledge of coding or web development, in which case the website development costs are not charged on an hourly basis to make such modifications or additions.

In such websites, we make room for social interactivity with the visitors who visit your website. In these web development packages, a blog will be added to your website so that you can post content which you feel like communicating with the audience. This allows a two-pronged interaction on your website. Firstly you can interact with your customers via blog posts and secondly the visitors can interact with each other i.e. they can reply to each other's comments.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce website development costs entail various levels of pricing depending on the features of the website. Most of our customers demand the most advanced level of e-commerce website where the users can compare the products based on prices, features, colors and much more. The advance e-commerce website can accept payment online by credit card, debit card or internet banking. Our e-commerce web design and development packages also include server Setup, SSL selection, purchase, Merchant Account Setup, Payment Processor Setup, and Shipping Setup. Thus such websites required to be designed by professionals who possess the specialized skills in expertise in designing and developing.

Why JDM Web Technologies For Website Design Pricing Packages?

We at JDM Web Technologies offer our expert web design and development services to the clients and help them to provide a modern and brand new design for their business website. We offer all sorts of web design packages with the maximum number of advanced features for web design and development services. We keep in mind along with affordability of the web design pricing packages, factors like unique design, content creation and management, info-graphics integration, SEO, Google Business listings, inter-server domain migrations, and many more.

We endeavor to not just create websites for our clients but to build relationships with them that last forever.

FAQs for Quick Answers

1How long does it take to design and build a website?
It depends on the website size and platform. Our standard websites take an average time frame of 30 days for design and development.
2Do your packages include hosting and domain registration fees?
No, Domain and Hosting will be provided by the client else the extra charges will be applicable for the domain name registration and hosting services.
3Can you help me update my existing website?
Yes, we can update your existing website also. You can share the website changes and design sample you would like to build.
4What platform do you build your websites on?
We design and develop websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) stage called WordPress. Also, we do provide development on many other platforms such as Custom PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and much more.
5Do I need to buy web hosting if I have a domain name?
To build a website you will need both a domain name and web hosting account. Buying a domain name alone only gives you the right to use that particular domain name for a specific period (usually 1 year). You need web hosting to store your website's files on the server that will represent your domain and display your website over the internet.

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Thank you very much for your help in making our website look and layout more elegant and fabulous. The Development team at JDM did a fantastic job for our project and executed the task on time. JDM is a very professional web design company and their employees are very polite and nice.

Desh Deepak 2 months ago

I had been looking for the SEO for my Beauty Parlour website. I get in touch with Ankita, she was very friendly and Professional at the same time and told me the each and every steps that will be taken during the process of their SEO Services. The price are affordable, and the knowledge of their staff is great. My...

Shweta Kharera 2 months ago

Naveen & the people at JDM Web Technologies have kept my website on the 1st page of Google for a number of years now. Their knowledge of current algorithms is obvious by it’s effectiveness & their responsiveness is as good as their friendliness. It’s my pleasure to be able to have them as a vital part of our marketing team....

Trip Trustees 2 months ago

JDM has been professional and supportive in all our endeavors. We have been very pleased in working with Pratik and his staff. They have been highly responsive to our needs and inquiries in the most prompt manner. Thank you for your professionalism.

Archana Maurya 2 months ago

Naveen alongwith his colleagues has been keeping my website on the first result of Google search for a longtime. His impeccable service and perspicuous skill always meet with my expectations. Looking forward to working harmoniously with JDM.

vibhinn singh 2 months ago

I was looking for the SEO services for my india bases restaurant website, i got JDM on the top list of services provider. This is the 4th month i have been using your services and totally happy with the efforts you have given for my website marketing. Thank and Highly recommended!

Sunny Maurya 2 months ago

Doing business with JDM technologies has been a delight. Ever since our collaberation with JDM our website has grown to a conciderable height. It has been possible with the efforts and dedication of pratik and team. I highly recommend JDM technologies for businesses like ours:)

Diksha Rajput 2 months ago

JDM has been a crucial part in the growth of our business. The vigilence and sleek responsiveness of pratik and his staff has been comforting and the hardwork put in by them has really payed off.

Richard Wesley 2 months ago