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Content management is essential if you want to run your online business smoothly. Without an Effective CMS Development, it is impossible to run a business online. To get in-depth details about CMS or content management system, get in touch with the experts of JDM Web Technologies can help you out.


CMS Development Services India

Online based businesses are getting popular these days, and prime reason behind that is nothing but global acceptability of online-based businesses. As the days are progressing, buyers are leaning toward online based trading with more significant interests. As a result, even small traders are venturing online with an e-commerce platform to penetrate the global market potentials. To clinch the minds of online buyers, the website has to be appealing and should be perfect from a few aspects. With an effort to obtain an ideal e-commerce website, business owners are now trending towards CMS website development. At JDM Web Technologies, we work as a team to work on various content management system website.

If you are not well versed to the term CMS or Content Management System website, then here is a guide for you. The name Content Management System or CMS has been referred to as an open source system, which can be used for building seamless websites. CMS websites look more professional than general sites. Furthermore, the content management system website has various advantages over public websites and here are some of those benefits:

Professional Layout for Website

CMS based websites look professional, mainly due to the proper layout. The interface of the site seems friendly for the visitors, and that is why the target group of audiences gain interests over visiting your website.

Secure Content Management: Effective and systematic CMS website development provides effective content management. Web owners do not have to be versed with technical web languages, like HTML, PHP, ASP. Web owners can modify, delete or edit their contents of any page at any time, following just a few simple steps.

Database Driven

CMS platforms provide better web database management facility. As CMS platforms are database driven, web data remains organized as well as secured.

Themes and Designs

Different CMS platforms offer different notable ideas and design elements so that the web interface looks unique as well as enjoyable. Themes can be customized as per web owners’ wishes.


Most of the CMS website development platforms are profitable, especially if you need to manage a website that has several pages.


CMS based platforms are SEO-friendly. It also allows seamless social media integration with several widgets, add-ons, and plug-ins.

Our Expertise in CMS Web Platforms

So, we have learned the benefits of CMS website development services and now, let us figure out some of the popular CMS platforms. Based on these platforms, plenty of websites have been developed successfully by our team of developers and performance of those websites is more than satisfying.



WordPress is probably the primary and the most popular CMS platform nowadays. It is easy to use, feature plenty of theme, plugins, and much more.



Along WordPress and Joomla, another CMS web platform has been often named by the web developers, and that is Drupal. It is equally famous as well as useful.



Joomla is used for developing professional websites. It has been widely used for developing high-class e-commerce stores. The benefit of Joomla is that it is secured, robust and straightforward to be employed.



For e-commerce web development, especially e-commerce shopping store development, Magento Web Development open source platform has been used widely as well as successfully. It allows, the creation of seamless shopping store, product gallery, shopping carts, and secure payment gateways.

Plenty of other CMS platforms are there, which are equally good and sufficient for web development. According to the motto of building websites, e-commerce platforms are generally chosen. We possess experience and knowledge to work with different CMS platforms. Hence, at our CMS Web Development Company India, we assure tactical e-commerce website development solutions so that your online business can obtain a solid foundation.

What Are We Offering?

To sum it up we can say that we offer everything that you want from a professional CMS website Development Company. Our company is the one stop solution for all your requirements regarding web business and website management. We offer all the types of Digital Marketing and Web Development Services that you may need. If you want us to use the software available to develop your website or take care of the content or revamp the existing site, we offer all sorts of solutions in our CMS website development services at affordable prices.

As stated above, we have the experience to work with various CMS platforms. Thus, we can cope with different kinds of requirements of clients. Our service includes the following things:

  • Consultation service for clients.
  • Understanding client expectation and checking feasibility.
  • Checking the existing website and identifying areas to be revamped.
  • CMS platform integration to the web server.
  • Customization of the site with plug-ins and extensions.
  • Changing the visual appearance of the site.
  • Adding e-commerce features like cart, checkout, inventory management, payment gateways.
  • Testing the final product and identifying bugs or errors.
  • Fixing bugs and handling the final product to client.

Why Do You Need Us?

We as your CMS website development company in India, poised with excellence and experience to offer the most satisfactory services. JDM Web Technologies has a team of dedicated Web Developers who have immense skills in developing flawless e-commerce websites. Our team is poised with experienced and young as well as enthusiastic individuals. We always look for challenging projects that come with the opportunity to teach us many important things.

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